In the vicinity of Delhi in India, a controlled explosion was carried out today, resulting in the collapse of two towers with a height of 103 meters, representing the tallest building that has ever collapsed in India.

The "Indian Twins" as reported by local media that call these collapsed buildings, happened with the decision of the court of India taken last year, where it was found that the investors violated some rules and obligations during their construction, Telegraph reports. .

Shortly before the explosion, the Indian police and civil defense carried out the evacuation of thousands of residents of the surrounding buildings, where they were then ordered not to return to their properties until hours after the explosion.

Noida Twin Towers demolished. #TwinTower #Demolition @ShivAroor #Noida

— IndiaToday (@IndiaToday) August 28, 2022

Although giant objects had been blown up earlier in India, this time the explosion was more challenging due to the fact that the surrounding buildings were nine meters away from the towers.

Also, the towers were located very close to the highway that is frequented by thousands of residents.

The explosion lasted only 15 seconds, and 3,700 kilograms of explosives were used for their collapse.