Slavi Trifonov's great love - the former dancer from the "Magadans" ballet - Martina Ognyanova, has fallen into financial collapse.

The girl from Varna, who is currently married to the boxer Koko Kolev and is the mother of two children, forced herself to sell off her entire wardrobe on the Internet in order to make ends meet for her family, Retro writes.

Even years after her breakup with Dalgia, Martina continues to keep expensive outfits and shoes that he gave her during their love affair, which turned into cohabitation.

At one time, the jealous and despotic Trifonov generously compensated for the negatives in his behavior towards the dancer with luxurious gifts worth thousands of levs.

Out of sentiment, the blonde didn't want to throw them away, even though to date her ex was "black" to her, but now she was at an impasse.

Martina was ready to take five times less money from them, but to be able to sell them.

Her Facebook ad says: "Selling elegant extravagant shoes, mostly high heels, size 35, and dresses size S and XS. Worn 1,2,3 times. Shoe brands are mainly Cassaday, "Baldinini", Versace. There are also other very high-end ones. There are about 100 pairs of shoes, 50 or so dresses, all designer. I will gradually take pictures and upload them to the net".

Slavi's last love returned to her mother

Half a year ago, Slavi's ex took another step to erase him forever from her life and mind.

Martina announced for sale the apartment that Trifonov gave her in a closed complex in the capital's "Boyana" district, even at the time when they were together and allegedly happy.

The three-room apartment with an area of ​​over 100 square meters, formerly on Dulgia, is being sold for nearly half a million BGN, but a buyer has not yet been found.

Martina and her current husband, Koko, also have another home in the "Manastirski Livadi" district, but at the moment they have moved to a country house so that their two children can grow up close to nature.

After breaking up with Dalgia, the dancer was ignominiously thrown out of her former lover's show.

Over the years, he tried to feed himself in different ways.

First she was a beautician, then a manicurist.

He tried to import foreign beauty products to our country, and most recently he bet on "life coach".

On social networks, she and her husband Coco conduct seminars on various life topics and give wisdom and direction in the lives of confused people.

Apparently, the venture is not profitable and does not feed the children's throats, as Martina has gone so far as to sell off her clothes and shoes.

Slavi Trifonov