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North Korea's state media has reported that a fever outbreak of unknown origin has broken out in a region bordering China, but it is not the new coronavirus that the country declared victorious earlier this month, Reuters reports.

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Omicron - the new coronavirus variant 931

Four fever patients "suspected to be infected with a malignant epidemic" were reported from Rianggang province near the border with China on Tuesday.

This prompted authorities to immediately block off the area and mobilize medical teams, the official KCNA news agency reported.

A detailed analysis of the epidemic situation across the country showed that there have been no cases of COVID-19 since the country's epidemic ended at the beginning of this month, KCNA added.

However, the authorities have sent experts in epidemiology and virology to the area to investigate the causes of the fever cases and impose measures to prevent its spread.

No more masks in North Korea

Authorities "are taking steps to trace all persons related to the infected and those going to and from the relevant area and keeping them under strict medical observation," KCNA reported.

After North Korea declared victory over COVID-19, it blamed South Korea for causing the outbreak and vowed "deadly revenge" against it.

For its part, Seoul dismissed the claim as baseless.

Since then, the mandatory wearing of masks has been abolished in the country.

North Korea has never provided a report on the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, apparently because it lacks the means to conduct widespread testing.

Instead, a daily number of fever patients is reported, bringing the number to about 4.77 million.

However, she claims that she has not registered any new such cases since July 29.

Omicron - the new coronavirus variant


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