This is the fourth case when a Belarusian lawyer who was deprived of his license found a job in Russia.

"I am a lawyer again, not in Belarus, but in the Russian Federation... Now everything starts anew in Moscow.

One thing always remains unchanged - decency, principles and responsibility.

And the battle continues again," Yevhen Maslav wrote on social networks.

In September 2021, Yevhen Maslov was deprived of his lawyer's license in Belarus during attestation at the qualification commission of the Ministry of Justice.

According to the results of the attestation, a decision was made on the impossibility of the lawyers of the office "Maslav, Gashinsky and Partners" to fulfill their professional duties "due to insufficient qualifications".

Maslav defended political prisoners

Lawyer Yevhen Maslav led the defense of the persons involved in the "White Legion" case, defended the political prisoner Mikalai Dziadek in court, was one of the lawyers of the blogger Eduard Palchis, a defense attorney during other high-profile cases, defended administrative detainees.

Maslav became the fourth lawyer to receive a license in Russia after being deprived of the right to practice in Belarus.

Prior to that, lawyers Anton Gashinsky, Aleksandar Filanovich, Siarhei Ivanov continued their legal practice in Russia.

Two years after the 2020 presidential elections, dozens of lawyers who were defenders in political processes were deprived of their law licenses in Belarus.