Video of this man went viral

New Delhi :

In social media, we often get to see such talent that after seeing them, we press our fingers under our teeth.

Today the Internet is working like providing a platform to the hidden talented artists.

Although we have seen many talented artists in social media through internet, but these days such a hidden singer is being seen in social media that everyone is going crazy after listening to its voice.

A video of a person is going viral on the internet, in which he is seen singing the song Hum Tumse Pyaar Kitna.

In the video going viral, a man can be seen sitting in a wheelchair and singing Hum Tumse Pyaar Kitna from the 1980 film Parveen Sultana.

Even though he is handicapped and cannot walk, but his voice shows amazing confidence.

He is singing this song sung by Kishore Kumar so beautifully that those who listen to it on the internet are being mesmerized.

People are very fond of it and are praising him fiercely.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, "Salaam to you". 

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People are sharing this video of this hidden artist a lot in social media.

It is worth noting that even before this, many times such singing and dancing talents have been seen in social media.

The song Hum Tumse Pyaar Kitna, which is being sung by this person in a wheelchair, was picturized on Hema Malini and Rajesh Khanna.

This is an evergreen song, which people still like to listen very much.

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