How To Gain Weight: Know how bananas can increase weight. 

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  • Gaining weight is not very difficult.

  • Banana will help in increasing weight.

  • Know how to eat banana.

Weight Gain:

Often various tricks are seen like weight loss, but the discussion of increasing weight is very less.

In fact, many people are troubled by thin body and low weight and they know that they can become fat by eating and drinking but they remain unaware of what to eat.

There are many fruits that can help in weight gain, one of which is banana.

Among fruits, bananas are also eaten to reduce weight and also to increase weight, the only difference is to consume it properly.

Let us know how to eat banana to gain weight. 

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Banana for weight gain

Banana For Weight Gain 

Banana will prove to be your friend in gaining weight in a healthy way.

It is a good source of carbohydrates and is rich in calories, due to which it is helpful in weight gain.

A normal sized banana contains 105 calories and up to 27 grams of carbs.

Apart from this, the amount of sugar in fully ripe bananas is more than raw bananas.

Therefore, include only whole ripe bananas in the weight gain diet. 

If you have diabetes, then you should avoid eating fully ripe or overripe bananas.

This is because it can increase your sugar level. 

eat banana like this 

Bananas can be eaten in many ways to gain weight.

Many people make and drink a banana drink after a workout.

This not only increases energy but also eliminates hunger.

You can also prepare banana smoothie.

For this, add half a cup of milk to a ripe banana or almond milk for more effect.

Add one spoon of oats to it and also add one spoon of peanut butter.

To enhance the taste, add a spoonful of honey and pieces of 4 dates and grind them in a mixer.

You can drink this smoothie in the morning or even in the evening. 

Another way of consuming bananas is to eat at least 2 bananas plain in a day.

You can also eat 3 bananas, this also helps in increasing weight.

It can also be drunk by blending banana in plain milk and adding honey. 

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