While Albin Kurti put reciprocity and is not praising his open balcony at all, Edi Rama has long since revealed what he has been talking about behind the closed and open doors of Europe.

He praised his Balkans, of Aleksandar Vučić and Zoran Zaev... as you know, in the beginning there were only Rama, Vučić and Zaev.

The gossips also mention other "apostles", but one of these will definitely have the authorship of the idea.

Okay, maybe not the authors.

Maybe they are just acting out the Open Balkans, or the war...!

As the old man said, "Don't glorify... my Balkans, it's gone", so did Rama.

He praised him... "so that the war will not be spent again", he says.

"Oh the Balkans will open, oh the Balkans will open", became the refrain of his Balkan march.

Just as it is sung at Kosovar weddings, "We will blow the wick of the lamp..." so Rama also sings... we will blow it, the Balkans, or we will open it.

At the strategic level, the situation is more or less presented like this.

If Rama, Vuçiqi or Zaev announced the Open Balkans, the Prime Minister of Kosovo announced the Open Balkans.

On an open balcony, on the second floor of the Prime Minister's Office, overlooking the opposition Municipality, he welcomed the diaspora.

Now, don't jump to conclusions.

Do not say that these two ideas have nothing to do with each other.

Have to do with.

Will the diaspora not come through the Open Balkans?

Through the Open Balkans, in the Open Balcony.

So, they are related.

The biggest opponent of the Open Balkans is not the Kosovar Prime Minister, but the Serbian President Vučić.

He loves the Open Balkans only for himself and ... for Rama, but not for the Kosovar diaspora, which waits for hours at the border, where they are mistreated for "trifles" such as license plates and citizenship.

Kosovars with their documents and signs have not been able to pass through Serbia for a long time.

This was also mentioned at the Open Balcony party.

Compatriots rightly ask where is the difference between Rama and Kurti.

Is it just one letter?

Open Balkans versus open Balkans?

But the Open Balkans is not possible because the Serbian president does not want reciprocity.

As soon as I mention reciprocity, he mentions barricades.

So the Open Balkans is disabled by barricades.

Now, you understand: the President of Serbia wants to open the Balkans by closing roads, and reciprocity aims to open roads through Serbia.

Reciprocity is required for Serbian citizens, as much as Serbia requires for Kosovo citizens.

When someone puts up barricades and blocks the streets, it shows several things: first, that they are unhappy, and second, that they do not control the streets.

Why the barricades?

What is happening in the north of Kosovo?

Who is Serbia with?

What about Albania?

With the Balkans or the open balcony?

Nothing is happening.

Neighbors are testing each other's reflexes.

The Serbs caught in the Russian gear, and the Kosovars covered with the NATO tent, are being provoked beyond the barricades.

The Rama-Vučić invitation for the Open Balkans claims that the opening of the Balkans with all the conflicting interests and strained relations between Kosovo and Serbia is liberating!

Maybe this invitation sounds cooperative, peaceful even though peace and freedom are always massively misused by daily politics.

Once you take them out of speculative rhetoric, they become very relative arguments.

Whose freedom?

What is peace without reciprocity?

Doesn't that sound more like a truce?

Is the Serbian president committed to the freedom of Kosovo?

"Open Balkans or war", Rama warns the conferences without wanting to sound like Vučić's spokesman. The latter does not talk about war, but he can make it happen.

He does not threaten, he is his own threat.

Does it threaten competition and Europe with it, Rama?

There will be no war in the Balkans.

However, isn't Rama opening the dilemma of who he will be with, if the Balkans are not opened?