The Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli has called to save electricity in order to get through the winter, as she has considered it difficult.

Rizvanolli announced through a media conference that they have taken some emergency measures to save electricity.

"The winter season will be difficult for all of Europe, and this will affect us as well.

Countries such as Great Britain and Switzerland have introduced various energy saving measures.

Therefore, in this regard, it is good to be aware of what awaits us, and where we are taking the necessary measures.

KEK is making preparations for interventions in the blocks of Kosovo A and Kosovo B to be completed before winter.

We have to save energy", said Rizvanolli.

She added that the maximum should be done to save energy.

"Everyone at home and institutions should do their best to save energy.

So, in the emergency measures, it is foreseen how public institutions should save.

The agreement with Albania on energy will help us get through this winter.

This is the reality we will face just like other countries.

We will do our best to get through this winter as easily as possible, but we also need your help", she concluded.