Best Beers in India: These beers are amazing in taste. 

special things

  • International Beer Day is on 5th August.

  • There are different types of beer.

  • Here are the names of the best beers.

International Beer Day:

On hearing the name of beer, a chilly frothy drink comes to mind.

Many people drink beer only on special occasions, many once a week, and some every other-third day.

You might be surprised to know but there is also a special day to celebrate beer.

International Beer Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of August.

This day started from 2007.

If you are also fond of beer, then you must be thinking of drinking beer on this beer day.

So let us tell about those brands of beer whose beer is very much liked,

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Best Tasting Beer |

Tasty and Refreshing Beer 


Kingfisher is one of the most famous brands in India.

This Bangalore based brand has been running since 1970.

If you like your strong beer, then you will love Kingfisher Strong Beer.

Those who like light beer can enjoy Kingfisher Ultra.

This beer brand also offers the option of premium and customized drinks. 


You can also customize this beer according to your taste and taste.

There are 4 variants of the Simba - Stout, Wit, Light and Strong.

Stout is a bold and rusty flavored beer in rich dark colour, Wit is flavored with Indian spices, Light beer is smooth and crispy, while Strong has amazing taste and aroma. 


In the early stages of Kovid, you must have heard the name of this beer a lot.

If you like mild bitter and sweet tasting beer, then Corona Beer can be a good choice for you.

Take it in a mug and put a slice of lemon in it, you will feel refreshed. 

white rhino 

It is counted among the finest crafted beer.

It is a light beer infused with orange peel, fenugreek seeds and other refreshing flavours. 

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