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New Delhi:

If you are worried about any issue, which is related to the interest of the society, you want to be discussed in the media, then you should take a thinking break till August 15, that is, do not think anything. There is no use. To the tricolor till August 15 The debate will continue.

Various issues will arise around the tricolor.

It is being published in the newspapers that marches and marches have started coming out so that the feeling of patriotism can be instilled in you.

My appeal is that you should awaken the feeling of patriotism by yourself, just like you eat yourself, take a bath by yourself, in the same way why can't you awaken the feeling of patriotism by yourself.

Why is it that every second comes to tell that there is no feeling of patriotism.

For how long will others do the work of waking you up?

For this it is very necessary that a giant bell should be installed in India. 

This bell should be everywhere, the bell should be huge and gigantic.

It should be higher than the mountains so that it is visible to the window of the plane and the patriotism remains awake even while flying.

This hour of every hour will ring in the whole country and don't let the feeling of patriotism sleep.

What was not done to keep patriotism awake.

First the tricolor was hoisted 100 feet high, then 150 feet and the competition has started between 200 and 250 feet.

This means that the patriotism within you does not awaken so easily.

The Delhi government had budgeted to install the national flag at 500 places within a city with a budget of 100 crores.

In most of the places the work of putting up the flag has been completed.

Their height has been kept at 115 feet.

A city that has spent Rs 100 crore on setting up the tricolor,

Even after this, a door-to-door tricolor campaign is going on in this city.

This means that people have not yet awakened patriotism.

So now there is a need to set a bell so that every hour this bell keeps on awakening the feeling of patriotism. 

Think that when we love the country so much then why someone has to come forward again and again to awaken patriotism. How love is that patriotism sleeps. I have a lot of complaint with you people.

If the patriotism kept awake in you, then today the governments would not have to spend crores of rupees in installing the tricolor from place to place.

It is a good thing that so many MPs of the country have come out on motorcycles to awaken patriotism within you, that too in Delhi where more than 300 tricolor flags have been installed.

This means that the feeling of patriotism within the people in Delhi has woken up and then they have to work so hard. Express has written that BJP MP from Delhi Manoj Tiwari came without helmet.

None had any pollution certificate.

So Delhi Police made MP Manoj Tiwari a challan of 41000 thousand. I see this scene like a poem, thoughts are bursting in my mind that if patriotism has awakened in these MPs too, then what about power and politics? The truth will come out, how many lies will be exposed, if the opportunity is right then my question is no less right.

Let me ask who is donating thousands of crores to the party, why is this information kept secret in the electoral bond?

Has the patriotism awakened among parliamentarians to answer this question?

News of many such campaigns have started appearing in the newspapers. One of the motives of the house-to-house tricolor is also being told to awaken patriotism.

It is a matter of happiness that awakening patriotism in our country is also a work and people do this work honestly.

How hard our MPs work, that's why the government has not removed the subsidy from the rail travel of MPs and former MPs and has not fixed any limit,

Whereas the subsidy given to senior citizens on rate tickets has stopped.

After awakening patriotism, MPs should also demand discontinuation of pensions and subsidies.

I believe they will.

Just wake up patriotism. 

It is expected that patriotism will start waking up a lot with the tricolor campaign from house to house.

If the panchayat members and councilors of Madhya Pradesh had woken up, they would not have gone missing.

Do not hide here and there for fear of being bought or mixed.

BJP and Congress councilors have gone underground.

One tricolor should be given in the hands of all of them so that they can tell the truth about who is giving how much money.

Resort politics has also started regarding councilors. 

The Modi government has launched several awakening campaigns at different times.

There are also many types of oath taking campaigns. This year there is talk of Ghar-Ghar Tricolor campaign, similarly last year there was a campaign to sing the national anthem. Just like every household has made a separate website for the tricolor, in the same way there is a separate one for the national anthem. Website is made from.

In all the promotional videos made during the Amrit Mahotsav, one must study them all to see how the major achievements of 75 years have been remembered, remembered or not.

What has been omitted, what has been added, must be studied.

It was time to remember each and every milestone of 75 years but all the emphasis was put on oath and awareness campaign. At the same time last year, the Ministry of Culture appealed to the people to upload their video singing the national anthem.

also made a promotional video

There is polio eradication and Mars mission in it, but could there not have been milestones like adopting the constitution, holding elections for the first time, from the establishment of IIT to the establishment of ISRO, Chandrayaan? This is the time to calculate it. Don't have time, but can keep in mind.

Last year the national anthem campaign was very successful, its website itself is showing the number of 25 million users. 

After this common people sang the national anthem, uploaded the video of it.

The purpose of this campaign was also to create a sense of unity, a sense of pride.

Many types of such mass campaigns have been run during the Modi government.

When historians recite the campaigns that have taken place during the Amrit festival of independence, they will start gasping.

There was also a campaign that you click on whats number, record the video at the given address. 

It was told that your message will flash on the screen of Central Park in Connaught Place, Delhi.

It is written in the promotional video that there should not be a day that erases you from the memory of time.

To remember those who sacrificed for the country, this campaign has run in Connaught Place, Delhi.

Who saw who did not see, how can we say.

According to the data, 49 lakh tributes were paid to the heroes of freedom. 

Don't you find it strange that there are so many awareness campaigns going on from time to time.

Do they really have any moral and psychological effect on you?

How many times the spirit of patriotism should be awakened through such campaigns, are these campaigns not getting more?

It seems that the public is in the nursery class, they are being taught how to wake up from bathing, eating, drinking to sleeping. In 2014, when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, there was a lot of emphasis on awakening.

The government has launched several types of oath campaigns. 

Vidya Kasam, if we counted the oath campaigns on this page, their number has gone up to 60.

Two campaigns of oath are also from the states.

The remaining 58 oath campaigns are of the Modi government. Out of these, 23 oath campaigns have started and have stopped and 35 oath campaigns are going on.

People are taking oaths in 35 cases. These days I am giving some names of oaths being given to the people of India so that you can take some oaths while watching prime time.

The name of an oath is, Gandhi is in me, Gandhi in Me, for this you have to give the mobile phone number, OTP will come, then you will be able to get Gandhi's affidavit in me.

This oath campaign started in 2019.

Under this, a certificate was given that I have Gandhi and I take a pledge that I will be truthful and honest in every walk of life like Gandhi.

I will obey Bapu's orders.60,

584 citizens have taken oath that they have Gandhi within them.

Isn't it wonderful that today in this country i.e. todays India, 60,584 people believe that Gandhi is in me. 

I wish we could ask these sixty thousand people together whether they are Gandhi now or not.

Are these 60,000 people practicing truth like Gandhi?

Their rally should be taken out on August 15 by giving the tricolor in their hands. The government has already got their phone number, everyone should call and call the Red Fort.

On the page of the affidavit, 1 crore 29 people of India have taken different types of oaths.

Men are way ahead.

There are 81 lakh men but women only 47 lakh.

From this it seems that the percentage of men will come out to break the oath as usual.

Women will be less.

This country has taken 60 types of vows.

These days I support agnipath. 

When I went to its page and saw it, my heart broke.

Only 8288 people have taken oath that they support Agniveer.

Whereas lakhs of youth have filled the form to become Agniveer.

The youth of India has shown that if they get a job for four years and then get an option to be fired, they will welcome it.

This is a huge change that has happened.

Soon the youth will also take an oath that they will not do the job.

About nine and a half lakh forms have come under the Agniveer scheme for three thousand posts of the Navy.

But here only 8000 people have supported Agniveer. 

Prime time viewers and countrymen, every oath is wonderful but the anti-dowry pledge has not received much support.

Before the door-to-door tricolor campaign, an anti-dowry oath should be administered at every wedding and the items kept there should be deposited in the government treasury.

I am sure people will welcome it like demonetisation.

The intellectual level at which the people are at this time, in no period has the public mind been at this level. 

Tell how hard the graphics designer has worked so that the youth should take a pledge not to take dowry.

But what has happened to the youth of this country?

Only 73,944 youths have taken oath.

Of this, 35 percent are women.

Male is 62 percent but the sample is very small.

73 thousand marriages take place in one city in a season. 

We can neither count nor show the 60 oaths here.

The chest will swell only in counting 60 oaths.

Arrangements for oath were also made for Surya Namaskar.

It was also vowed to visit 15 places of the country by August 2022.

About 2.5 lakh people have taken oath.

Have everyone really completed the journey of 15 places?

Who are these people, who went out to visit India after taking official oath, do you not feel like meeting them?

Similarly, there is another oath, which seems to be quite popular, the oath of the Preamble of the Constitution.

This oath was launched on the occasion of Constitution Day in 2021. 

According to MyGov page, 4 lakh 71 thousand,579 people have taken oath that they will recite the preamble of the constitution.

Among those who read the Preamble, 11 percent are from UP, 10 percent from Maharashtra and 10 percent from Delhi.

Let us remind you that in December 2019, when the movement against the Citizenship Act was going on, the Preamble of the Constitution was being recited everywhere from Shaheen Bagh.

Can it be that in view of the popularity of the preamble at that time, the government has launched an affidavit, why the government did not spread this campaign like the tricolor from house to house, why did the MPs not take out a rally for it.

In January 2020, students and students of Stephens College in Delhi also protested the police repression by reciting the Preamble to the Constitution.

(from Breathe Old Prime Time) 

When the public reads the Preamble and uses it as a moral force of resistance, will the government consider it its campaign?

How the anti-citizenship law protest movement was suppressed, the ministers were shouting slogans to shoot. Hence the request is to keep patriotism alive.

If you worked hard on your behalf, then the government would not have to take 60 types of vows.

The campaign of patriotism does not have to be raised again and again.

My question is, does such campaigns wake everyone up? 

So why Suresh Pratap Singh and Manoj Srivastava, who put up posters in Lucknow, are not waking up.

They have put up a poster that on August 9, at Jantar Mantar, they will do a saffron revolution for the Hindu nation.

Will make India a Hindu nation.

The flag of the Hindu nation on their poster is different from the tricolor.

My question is that if their revolution happened before August 15, India became a Hindu nation, then what would happen to the tricolor campaign from house to house, Ravish Ranjan asked Manoj Shrivastava about these questions. On this poster of Manoj Shrivastava it is written that They help people by distributing money.

I don't know from where I get the money or I will bring it.

From their page, it is known that there are 15000 members of the Indian Saffron Vahini.

Now if 15000 members start hoisting the flag of Hindu Rashtra,

If the tricolor is not hoisted, then the tricolor campaign will not be 100 percent successful.

There is also a picture on his social media in which he is standing behind RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. I don't take the photo seriously, I don't know who to take a picture with, but if he is related to RSS, I will tell myself. . 

Where the country is going, it will go there, but where are you going, keep this address.

Organizations demanding the formation of a Hindu nation on the occasion of the nectar festival of independence are no less.

How the patriotism of these people will be awakened in this country, only the government can tell.

Right now you will not remember about journalist Siddique Kappan, how will you remember, when you cannot remember 60 types of oath then how will you remember journalist Siddique Kappan. He is in jail for 669 days. 

Siddiq Kappan is in jail for 22 months.

Masood Aham and Alam are residents of UP.

The Kerala unit of the Working Journalists' Union had issued a letter saying that Kappan was a journalist.

Was doing his job. Came to Hathras 22 months ago to cover the news of rape and murder of a Scheduled Caste woman.

Then Siddiq Kappan was arrested.

Kappan is accused of trying to spread enmity in the society.

Tried to disturb communal harmony.

Kappan used to get foreign funds which were allegedly being used against the integrity of the country. From the Kerala Press Club to the Editors Guild, everyone raised their voice for Siddiq Kappan.

But it remained unheard.

When the Mathura Court rejected the bail plea, Siddiq Kappan's lawyer took the petition to the Allahabad High Court.

A bench of Justice Krishna Pahan heard the matter and refused to grant bail.

A website named Live Law has written that the Additional Sessions Judge, Mathura, Anil Kumar Pandey

The bail was not granted and the Mathura Court held that Kappan was a member of the PFI.

Involved in anti-national activities.

The court had said that Kappan told that he was going to cover Hathras but the institution whose identity card he is holding had stopped functioning in 2018 itself.

The task force of the UP Police has prepared a five thousand-page charge sheet against Kappan.

It is written that Kappan did not write as a responsible journalist. There was a case of breach of peace on Kappan in which he was acquitted.

The battle for Kappan has become difficult.

It's been 669 days.

The Editors Guild released the statement for April 26 last year.

Kappan had Kovid.

His wife alleged that he was tied to the bed.

They cannot move.

Can't go to the toilet.

The Editors Guild wrote that it was bewildering.

The conscience of a country should be shaken by the fact that how the journalist is being treated.

The conscience must be shaken.

At present, a campaign to awaken patriotism is going on in the country.

The time has not come for the conscience to move yet.

You take a break.