Earlier it was rumored that after Noizy's announced big concert for this summer, the rapper will leave music.

This Thursday, he was invited to the show "

Pushime On Top

" in a long exclusive confession, where asked by Ori Nebijaj during the interview, Rigels Rajku denied this rumor clarifying how the truth is.

"I believe that I am a few years away from leaving music.

I don't think I'll ever leave music.

I will always deal with music".

(Photo: Instagram/noizy)

"If I will not be active in concerts, I will be active producing music for young artists.

I will make songs, but maybe the concerts will be rare.

When I reach the age of 50, it's normal that I can disconnect", Noizy is quoted as saying.

The rapper has stated that even after the concert he will continue to work, this time for a new album.

(Photo: Instagram/noizy)

"I am preparing another album.

The album 'Alpha' will be released three days before the concert.

Meanwhile, as soon as the concert ends, I will be in three countries in two weeks", said Noizy.

The rapper emphasized that he has not yet decided the name of the new album that he will work on as soon as the concert ends, but he is clear about what name he will give to the last album of his career.

"The last album will be called 'It was a pleasure,'" added the rapper.