The international music festival "Sunny Hill" begins this evening in "Germia" park in Pristina, KosovaPress agency reported specially for BTA.

On Thursday evening, the world-famous Kosovar singer Dua Lipa will be a guest.

She expressed her pride in organizing this festival in Pristina.

Before the start of the festival, she said she couldn't wait to appear before the Kosovar audience.

Meanwhile, her father Dukajin Lipa emphasized that he is not satisfied that this year "Sunny Hill" will be held in "Germia" park.

The singer Dua Lipa thanks everyone for the support and the opportunity for this festival, where many world artists will perform.

Lipa did not give details about her performance, but said she was looking forward to singing in front of the Kosovo audience.

I'm very proud to be here and to have the opportunity to participate, I've been focused all day on just performing, so I hope you enjoy it and have a lot of fun tonight.

Thanks a lot, it's great to be home, in my country, it's a big dream... It's a very good feeling to come and play in Pristina, there's no better feeling.

I'm already enjoying the energy you give me.

So I'm looking forward to experiencing those emotions before I go on stage, she commented.

Dua's father - Dukajin - praised the support of Kosovo and said that tonight the biggest festival in the region will start with the biggest names of modern music.

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Lipa emphasized that he expects more than 25 thousand people to participate in this festival.

I don't know the exact number, but in this year's edition we predict that there will be somewhere over 25,000 people, unfortunately we had the opportunity to do a festival with over 40,000 people, but we have limited space, this is the biggest edition so far, he shared.

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He reiterated that he was not happy that this festival was being held in Germia Park.

We didn't want to do the Germia festival.

Because, apart from the city park, this is also the most difficult place to organize a festival of this scale.

Without the help of the police it would be impossible.

For everyone who wants to come to the festival, this is the most guarded and safest place in the region for the next four days, Lipa said.

Lipa also criticized politicians, accusing them of not fulfilling their promises.

During the press conference, an agreement was signed between the mayor of Pristina, Dua, and Dukajin Lipa on the creation of the "Sunny Hill" foundation.

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Pristina Mayor Perparim Rama said that the capital, despite restrictions on the free movement of citizens, has become a creative and innovative center.

The "Sunny Hill" festival will last four days and this is the third edition to be held in Pristina.


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