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Intrigue flared up along the promised prize from the show "Like two drops of water."

"There is no car yet. The car won by Krasi Radkov is not with us. We do not know if he contacted the executive director. But the doctors have not heard back from us," the capital hospital for children's diseases told "Bulgaria Today" Prof. Ivan Mitev".

In the middle of May, the finale of the show "Like two drops of water" took place.

The tenth anniversary edition was won by the actor Krasi Radkov.

In an emotional speech, Radkov announced that he would donate his prize - a car to the children's hospital in Sofia.

"Krasi Radkov has not given up on donating his prize. He still intends to help the hospital, but it's a long process. First he has to acquire the car, then sell it and the amount be donated because the hospital he doesn't need a car, but money. It's much easier for Krasi Radkov to just donate the car, but they didn't say that, and you know that we follow the wishes of those we donate," the comedian's publicists are categorical.

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They expressed hope that things will happen in the next few weeks, as too much has dragged on.

The specialized hospital is in urgent need of equipment worth a total of BGN 75,000, so whatever the actor donates will still be useful.

"As two drops of water"