An increase in new coronavirus cases by 113 percent and a rise in the 14-day incidence to 167 per 100,000 was reported in the Smolyan region over the past week, according to data from the Regional Health Inspectorate (RHI).

Due to the increased morbidity in the district, temporary anti-epidemic measures are in force, including mandatory wearing of protective masks in pharmacies, drugstores, hospitals and social institutions. 

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The epidemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) 31893

A total of 114 are the new cases of COVID-19 during the week.

32 positive patients have been admitted to hospitals in the district.

The municipality of Devin has the highest incidence rate – 493 per 100,000. There are no new cases of coronavirus in the municipality of Chepelare. 

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The epidemic of coronavirus (COVID-19)