Love Path Ice Apisada before falling in love with a French boyfriend

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26 July 2022 19:41





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Congratulations to Mrs. Rai and the sexy MC

Ice Apisada Krueganga,

who recently announced the good news that she is becoming a new mother.

which previously had friends

The star teases the big diamond ring on Ice's left ring finger.

And Ice revealed that a French boyfriend has proposed a simple marriage since 2021 in the past. Thai Rath Online Entertainment would like to go back on the path of love for this woman to be perfect. How is it?

If you go back in time to the year 2009, Ice Apisada had a relationship with a high-so young man

, Luang Pasu Liptapanlop,

the eldest heir of the famous politician Suwat Liptapanlop. refused and said they were only friends

Then in 2015, there was news that Ice Apisada was in a relationship with a young high-class man

, Max Chayanin Sukkhasanti

, who at that time admitted that he had studied Dujai for more than a year.

And there are pictures of the two of them going around together all the time.

There were also plans to get married, but in 2018, Ice admitted that he had broken up with the other party.

After dating for 4-5 years

And in 2019, there was news that Ice Apisada was a high-class young man,

Non Thanon Wiaraya, who

made a surprise kneeling and proposed to marry.

There is also a joint frame of the couple and holding hands.

But this work was focused on Ice's left ring finger.

which Ice admits that the man actually proposed to marry

but not succinct

I just want to give a ring to my heart

When are you ready?

But after that, at the beginning of 2020, the couple broke up.

As for Ice's current love, it became a buzz when vermicelli Wirittipa, Ice's close friend.

Post a picture of Ice wearing a big diamond ring on the left ring finger and write a congratulatory message on May 25, 2022, including many industry insiders who came to congratulate as well.

Before Ice opened up to admit that her boyfriend proposed to her since October 2021, a young Frenchman.

who is Kong Krit Chirakiatwatana or Kong Hive Salon, a famous barber in Thailand

as an introduction

Even at first, they almost didn't get together because Ice said it wasn't a genre.

But a friend told me to meet first.

When I met him, he changed his notion that people would never know.

What do you say you don't like?

Maybe one day it might be.