The Moon is in Cancer until 09:37 on July 28

With a Moon in Cancer, the whole range of different emotions is expressed.

This is the time for the manifestation of those feelings that a person has suppressed in himself for a long time.

Your inner self will tell you that you yourself have locked many emotions inside yourself, refusing to acknowledge their very existence.

Often during this lunar period, a person is easily susceptible to quick emotional reactions.  

Intuitive feelings are heightened.

Impressiveness and excitability increase (especially in women).

Increased nervousness and emotionality often lead to exacerbation of insomnia.

At this time, the breasts, mammary glands, liver and gall bladder are particularly vulnerable.

Disturbances in the functioning of the stomach and the entire digestive system may occur.

In people suffering from stomach and liver, exacerbation of chronic diseases related to these organs is possible.

To prevent and avoid problems, it is good to refrain from eating heavy and greasy food.

Lunar calendar: 27 lunar days from 03:35 on July 26 to 04:27 on July 27

Today is inextricably linked to the water element.

The symbols of the day are ship, island, lighthouse, anchor.

The power of water increases, but not always its effect on the body will be positive.

That is why it is not recommended to bathe in cold springs, waters and look into the mirror surface of water sources.

Even on an ordinary mirror, it is better to spend less time.

Today, all innovations and ambitious plans are easily realized.

It is possible to obtain benefits from previously concluded contracts and deals.

In general, it can be said that the 27th lunar day is good for any work.

But he is especially happy and successful for those who do good deeds.

On this lunar day, reason and intuition are well combined.

A good day to communicate with people of the older generation.

Do not forget to visit parents, grandparents, other relatives.

They can teach you many things, they can offer you options to solve your problems.

On this lunar day, we receive practical life wisdom.

So if an elderly person wants to tell you something, don't turn him away, listen to him and thank him.

You have the opportunity to look at old problems in a new way.

Weekly horoscope from July 25 to 31

For the 27th lunar day to be successful, you need to keep your spirit in a light and joyful state, avoiding tension and excitement.

You can safely visit the tax inspectorate and state administration.

You will have a "green light" everywhere.

Today do not deal with household work and household chores, you can safely skip them.

The twenty-seventh lunar day is very suitable for meetings.

Most people will be in a romantic state of mind.

Allow your soul to rest this day, avoid any scandals and do not clarify relationships.

This is the perfect time for reconciliation after quarrels and conflicts.

It is good to spend more time in prayer, meditation, to devote yourself to self-cultivation, to spiritual search and acquisition of Divine knowledge.

Do not miss the opportunity to expand your knowledge and do not forget to take time for training and self-development.

For those who are serious about self-improvement, the Moon will help them connect with their inner self, gain intuitive insight and attract the necessary situation into their lives.

Diseases started now are not dangerous.

Avoid blood loss.

Blood-related diseases may be aggravated.

The knees are vulnerable and it is good that they are treated now.

Medications should be avoided if possible.

Any chemistry is now contraindicated.

The best treatment on this day is folk medicine and homeopathy.

If it is not urgent, postpone going to the hospital and X-ray examinations.

It is very important that the basis of sex is love, closeness, friendly relations, and not just pure physiology.

Ideal time for first sexual contact or for conception.

It is not recommended to buy new things.

Today is good for a haircut.

It is suitable for everyone who cares about their appearance and wants to make an impression.

This will enhance your charm and success in front of others.

Solar calendar - 8 solar day

 - One of those strange days when anything can happen.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Some information may suddenly be revealed to you.

It is good to show hospitality, selflessness, to help anyone who needs help.

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