Ice Apisada reveals the story of a French boyfriend, the father of the child, who is he?

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26 Jul 2022 21:26





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I can tell you that my life is very happy right now.

For a sexy actress like

Ice Apisada,

who has revealed that

I am about to become a red label mother.

After 14 weeks of pregnancy, who is Ice's husband?

From what Ice told me

Thairath online entertainment

has been summarized 

- The man is French, is a friend of Kong Hive. The man sees ice from IG.

and is an echo that is recommended to be known

- Men say they like Thailand

When he came to Thailand, he was just a farang who had no one.

This is the reason why Ice doesn't post pictures of men on social media.

because if one day it launches

He wouldn't have done anything he wanted to do.

So I want to keep this for him.

and do not want him to have to change because of us

- The man proposes to marry online.

Send a line in the shape of a diamond ring

Said that he was very excited to get this diamond before.

and want to give

until they began to seriously talk about wanting to have a future together 

- The 41-year-old man is 4 years older than Ice, both of them are delighted when they learn that they are about to have a baby.

I didn't think I would get pregnant quickly.

Because I'm old now.

- Ice said that she had talked to her husband about how to raise a child and told him not to spoil the child.

But the husband bought a brand name stroller.

Name-brand clothes are waiting for your child. 

- The man's house is on a hill in Europe.

There are no neighbors, Ice. Her husband wants to give birth in France, but Ice is afraid of being a baby blue.

I asked to give birth in Thailand.

and want to stay with grandparents as long as possible

So I asked my child to stay in Thailand until the age of 10 before going to France.

- I'm preparing to live with my husband for a month, but I never thought much about going abroad.

But since meeting this husband

Must prepare seasonings, sauces, suki sauce, mackerel chili paste, too. I'm very embarrassed, but I want to eat.

I feel like I'm a mia farang now.

- Ice tells the qualities that make the decision to choose this man.

for being a leader

At first they almost couldn't go together.

because different people have high leadership

but when together

Different people are worried about each other.

And another thing I like about this guy is

If one day we have nothing

Somehow this man saved our family.

He really took us in.