The Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade, Rozeta Hajdari, has stated again about the continuous price increases of basic products.

Hajdari, through a note on Facebook, said that based on data from customs, there is a drop in the price of wheat imports and according to her, the increase in the price of bread is unreasonable.

"Today at the press conference together with the chairman of the Association of Mullis, Mr.

Bashkim Zejnullahu, we confirmed that we have sufficient supply of wheat and flour in the market and it is not reasonable to increase the price of bread".

"In the last days, the price of a loaf of bread is changing from 0.45 cents to 0.60 cents in some bakeries, while the updated data of the Kosovo Customs, in contrast to May 2022, confirm a 7% drop in supplier prices of wheat and flour".

The Minister of Industry, Enterprise and Trade says that they are analyzing the basic market prices.

"Furthermore, the Working Group of the Ministry of Industry, Enterprise and Trade has analyzed the prices with evidence from the market, for basic products: wheat, flour, bread, rice, pasta from durum wheat, edible sunflower oil, milk, salt of the kitchen, eggs, chicken meat, sugar, soap, detergent and sanitary napkins, noting that:

- the commercial margin of the basic products of most economic operators varies from 8% to 19.40% depending on the product;

-some economic operators trade with a trade margin below 5% for basic products".

She has warned that they will set the profit margin on basic products.

"Therefore, based on the evidence, we will propose direct measures to minimize manipulations in the prices of basic products, in close coordination with the Market Inspectorate at the central and municipal level, the Kosovo Customs, the Tax Administration of Kosovo, the Food and Veterinary Agency , the Competition Authority and the Business Community", Hajdari wrote further./Telegrafi/