Open the viral source "Tom Sermyont", a regular bus that Liverpool players choose to ride.

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11 Jul. 2022 1:17 p.m.





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Open a viral source "Tom Sermyont" became a popular trend overnight.

After the Reds players choose to board instead of the bus, screen the club's logo.

Suddenly, the word "Tom Sermyont" went viral overnight.

After yesterday (July 10, 2022) Liverpool players

have arrived in Thailand

To prepare to kick off a special match with Manchester United in the bloody battle

"THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup 2022"

at Rajamangala Stadium, Huamark, Bangkok on July 12

While the football fans were waiting to welcome their favorite players at Suvarnabhumi Airport, there were 2 buses waiting to pick up the players to the hotel.

The first one was a red bus.

Decorated with patterns and beautifully decorated with the club logo.

The other was a normal white bus.

Screen on the side of the car that says "Tom Serm Yot"

But it turned out that the Liverpool players were all boarding the white bus instead of the red one.

causing a lot of confusion for the fans

And later, the bus with the word "Tom Sermyont" became a trend on social media immediately.

However, there are additional reports that

The incident was a misunderstanding of the player himself walking to board the white bus.

As for the bus that was prepared, it was not damaged in any way.