The anarchist

Dmitrii Dubouski

, sentenced to 18 years in a penal colony, was put on probation as "prone to escape" - now he has a red tag, the sister of the political prisoner said.

According to the human rights center "Viasna", it is known from former prisoners that prisoners with red tags are not taken to the industrial zone.

In addition, Dmitriy Dubovsky was deprived of a long-term appointment.

"Well, as for the rest, everything is stabilizing, the days are similar to each other, I'm trying to work out a routine for myself and all that.

However, my wishes and plans alone are not enough..." Dmitri wrote in a letter dated June 16.

42-year-old Syarhei Yurcha was detained in Minsk

Syarhei Yurcha was detained on June 16, human rights activists report.

However, until now, the man's relatives have no information about his whereabouts.

The authorities once again added to the list of "extremist materials"

He got:

  • Telegram channels "Belarusian Order", "dissidentby";

  • Tiktok accounts nezavisem5, kepska_budze, systempop777, oppositia_1_, rausinc;

  • Youtube videos "Long live Belarus.

    Krupki 13.08.2020", "Long live Belarus.

    Krupki 14.08.2020", "Krupki went to a protest on August 14" and "DETENTED MEMBERS OF THE INITIATIVE GROUP OF Svetlana TIKHANOVSKA, KRUPKI".