The increase of the price of bread in the bakeries of Gjilan from 50 cents to 60 cents, made the Market Inspectors to inspect today some of the bakeries of this city.

Bakers in Gjilan have stated before the inspectors that the increase in the price of bread from 50 to 60 cents has come as a result of the increase in prices.

But inspectors have given bakers three days to prove they received their products at a higher price.

Lebibe Haliti, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Market Inspectorate, told that the reason given by two of the bakeries that raised the price of bread, was the increase in the price of wheat.

"Market inspectors in Gjilan have inspected two of the bakeries that had this price of bread for 0.60 cents.

They have also verified the scales if they have them calibrated, the declarations have been placed as they should be, but for the price of bread the bakers have justified the fact that the prices of wheat products have also increased ", said Haliti.

She added that after three days, the inspectors will come up with a decision regarding this issue, as according to her they are waiting for the documentation from the bakers.

"For this, the inspectors have requested documentation that proves that he received it cheaper before this date and now it is more expensive, which means they have now been evaluated", said Haliti.

The economic crisis that has hit almost the whole world, has led to price increases in many products.

The rise in these prices has not escaped even bread.

From 50 cents in the city of Gjilan, from now on bread will cost 60 cents.