Over 40 companies are participating in the Job Fair in Gjakova, which is being held for the fourth time in a row.

Businesses, schools, and organizations have become part of this fair, where announcements have already been made for job offers in 800 vacancies.

This fair is being organized with the aim of establishing direct contacts of employers and job seekers.

The manager of the project "Training for the labor market" at GIZ Kosovo, Tobias Seilberlich said that they are expecting fruitful discussion and good agreements during this fair.

"All together we have about 45 companies and partners participating in this fair.

And all together they have made an announcement of more than 800 vacancies for employment.

These are positions which include in the work of retail and various services in these companies, gastronomy, hospitality and the field of information technology.

At the same time we have the part of construction and just carpentry.

And last but not least, the agricultural sector.

We here in the middle also have the vocational training office for Gjakova ", said Seilberlich.

The Director of Economic Development in the Municipality of Gjakova, Ferdinand Kolaj has shown that this fair serves as a bridge in order to employ young people.

"The purpose of organizing this fair means from the Municipality of Gjakova and the Ministry of Labor and the Employment Agency with the support of GIZ is that today several companies have come here and various institutions that have made their offer to those who they need and are profiled for the work they will find here.

"It can be a bridge and can unite the two, and I believe that this fair will be as successful as possible for those who need jobs and for the businesses that are here today and need workers," he said. Collage.

At the opening of this fair, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the Employment Agency, Jehona Namani said that their role is to bring together jobseekers and employees in order to mediate in employment.

"I wish that today there are as many vacancies as possible, as I have the list prepared by the GIZ representative.

I wish you find qualified workers for what you are looking for.

"I wish that jobseekers today distribute as many CVs as possible and that we succeed today," she said.

Ali Tafarshiku from Medcare Gjakova said that at today's fair they are looking for health and social workers.

"Apart from the fact that we as a new company in the Municipality of Gjakova, have increased interest in employment.

We, as service companies for the elderly, need health workers, social workers and I believe that we will have a good opportunity to identify the most concrete people who will serve in the center that will be opened in Gjakova ", he said ai.

Meanwhile, Blerta Rudi Rizvanolli, who is the leader of "Ruddy Company" said that this fair helps you to establish contacts with potential employees.

"It is a company that deals with local products.

We are grateful to the Municipality for this organization and other organizers of the job fair, where it gives us as local producers the opportunity to be promoted against the labor market.

"It is a very good initiative that helps us a lot to find a large number of workers at this time", she said.

The job fair is organized by the GIZ project with the Employment Agency and the Municipality of Gjakova.

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