A 27-year-old girl who married her ex-boyfriend's father has admitted that the couple formed a strong bond when she was in sixth grade - despite having a 24-year age difference, where after turning 16 -years began the relationship that was considered a nightmare for friends and family.

Sydney Dean from Ohio, USA, first met Paulin, 51, who now has a husband, when she was in the sixth grade and was in a relationship with his son, reports Telegrafi.

After she and her then-boyfriend ended the relationship, the couple remained good friends - and Sydney continued to spend time with him and his family - including Paul.

From then on she began to form a kind of relationship with Pauline, despite the big age difference - but when she turned 16 the couple began their romance.

However, they were criticized by their loved ones for their relationship, but they did not back down and began to strengthen the relationship even more, and in 2016 they got married.

Nearly a decade later, the couple continue to have a strong relationship and Sydney, admits that their loved ones have found it hard to reconcile with their relationship.

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