Beauty tips: Iron and Biotin make the nails shiny.

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  • Nutrients of eggs are beneficial for nails.

  • The iron found in green vegetables strengthens the nails.

  • Sunflower seeds also help in making nails long and shiny.

Nail care tips:

After the face and hair, girls pay the most attention to someone, so it is nails.

Because it plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of hands.

That's why they have to take special care.

In such a situation, in this article, we are going to tell you something that will add to the beauty of your nails.

You just need to make some changes in your diet then see how your nails become long and shiny.

Diet for Nails |

Foods for nail care

First of all, include green vegetables in your diet.

The calcium, iron and folate found in it make nails long, shiny and strong.

You can apply lemon juice on the nails to make the nails beautiful and shiny. 

To maintain the beauty of nails, you should include foods containing calcium, vitamin B, C and omega 3 fatty acids in your diet.

At the same time, keep cleaning them equally, as you can give a beautiful shape to the nails diagonally with a nail shaper.

You know that sunflower seeds also prove to be helpful in improving its health.

Manganese, copper, vitamin B6, zinc and vitamin E are found in abundance in its seeds, which are considered very good for nails.

Almond is such a dry fruit that will not only make your nails shiny but will help in keeping your hair and skin health good.

It is rich in protein and magnesium.

Now coming to the egg.

Its nutrients also prove beneficial for the nails.

The protein, vitamin B12, vitamin A, E and iron and biotin found in it make the nails shiny.

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