Glowing skin: By applying cream face pack, facial glow comes on the face.

special things

  • Applying cream face pack makes the face soft.

  • Dead skin cells come out with this face pack.

  • Those with sensitive skin should not apply it.

Face pack for glowing skin:

To maintain the beauty of the face, you should never stop following the skin care routine.

This keeps your skin tight.

There are many ways to take care of the face at home, after which you will not need to go to the parlor.

For example, take only malai face pack, which by applying it on the face keeps the glow and softness.

After applying this, you will not need to apply expensive facials.

So let's know how to make it.

This is how cream face pack is made.

How to make malai face pack

Take 01 teaspoon cream, 01 teaspoon gram flour and half teaspoon walnut powder.

Now put the cream in a bowl first.

Then add a spoonful of gram flour and walnut powder and mix it well. 

Now wash your face thoroughly.

Then apply the cream face pack on the face properly, after that scrub the face lightly and leave it to dry.

When it dries, wash it with normal water.

Do not use very cold and hot water at all. 

This can cause redness on your face.

You must apply this pack once a week. After applying cream face, you will find that your skin has become soft and shiny.

But people whose skin is oily and dry and sensitive, then they should first apply after consulting a dermatologist. 

Let us tell you that by applying cream on the face, the dead cells of the skin are removed and new cells grow.

By applying it, the effect of aging is also less visible on the face.

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