"Arlona" (

for security reasons, the interlocutor does not want to give his real name

) for many years engaged in public and political activities in Belarus.

Through repression in 2021 she was forced to leave the country.

Now she is in Lviv, where she provides volunteer assistance for refugees and victims of war.

"Arlona" shares its observations on how to respond to the "hate" of Belarusians.

"Rockets are flying at me, as well as at the Ukrainians"

"It's becoming a stupid tradition to send curses in the wrong direction," said the volunteer.

- You send curses to us, not to the usurper and his thugs.

Is this ok?

To us, who fought, who is in prison, who was tortured and killed, who was guerrilla, who was psychologically maimed for life, who lost relatives?

Is it possible to believe that the culprit is not the executioner, the rapist and the murderer, but his victim? ”

After many negative statements about Belarusians appeared in the telegram channel "Belarusian Guyun", the administrators of the channel even had to turn off the comments.

A similar situation is observed at other sites.

“Missiles are flying at me as well as at Ukrainians.

I am told that you "deserved such a president", but most Belarusians did not choose him in 2020.

Belarusians stood with you on the Maidan.

The number of "couch fighters" who say "we fought" is clearly superior to those who really risked themselves on the Maidan.

Yanukovych was a "plush toy" compared to Lukashenko.

The Maidan had TV channels, business and local authorities.

In Belarus, the authorities are kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured and killed for any criticism, ”Arlona says.

The volunteer says that it is annoying in Ukraine when the situation in Belarus is compared with the situation in the recently occupied Kherson.

“Although for me the parallels are obvious.

I will not be surprised if the guardsmen were trained according to the methods of the Belarusian riot police.

Residents of Kherson, like us, went out to protest, and they were thrown grenades, shot, kidnapped from their homes.

As repression grows, peaceful protest is exhausted.

It was the same in Belarus and Kherson. "

"Horrors in Ukraine do not level our suffering, do not give the right to insult Belarusians"

Another commonly used argument that calls "Arlon" is: "You and the Russians are the same, so together you must apologize to us."

“The Russians still elected Putin, and we did not elect Lukashenka.

Does anyone see mass "victory rage" in Belarus?

Are there many people and cars with the "Z" symbol on the Belarusian streets?

Almost no one in Belarus wants the death of Ukrainians and does not approve of the war. "

"Arlona" notes that many Ukrainians knew nothing and did not want to know about Belarus, except for "good roads, milk and knitwear."

In general, this "hate" is born of ignorance.

Surprisingly, a large number of Ukrainians have not seen the "white-red-white" Belarus, which is fighting for freedom, which is for Ukraine.

Even in 2020, there were enough "thinkers" who said that it would be better for Lukashenko to win, or else someone pro-Russian would come.

Even in 2021, 40% of Ukrainians believed that Belarusians had a class head of state.

And when this leader stabbed him in the shoulder, there was a sense of betrayal.

But it's not because "they're all like that," but because someone fooled themselves. "

The volunteer recalls very curious cases when Ukrainians write to Belarusians that they use the language of the aggressor - Belarusian.

“This is despite the fact that Lukashenka's people have destroyed our language, bookstores are being closed, writers and musicians are being persecuted for Belarusian.

The police can put you in jail for a day if they hear you speak Belarusian. ”

"Arlona" is convinced that Ukrainians today have no right to "hate" the Belarusians, or insultingly distort the name of our country.

"The worst thing is happening in Ukraine - the war.

But terrible things are also happening in Belarus.

Greater suffering and horror in Ukraine do not level our suffering, do not give the right to insult.

In Ukraine, there are also traitors, gunners, looters, those who profit from the humanities, in trouble, and Ruskomirka.

You can't generalize everyone. "

The woman says that Belarusians have been trying to reach out to Ukrainians for four months to explain their situation, and very often face misunderstanding and aggression.

However, she believes that it is necessary to continue to do so.

“I still believe in people.

I am lucky for those around me that they are still trying to understand everything, and not just rush at each other. "