The presumed cases of coronavirus in North Korea dropped below 10,000 in one day, state media reported today, quoted by the South Korean agency Yonhap.

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) 31670

More than 9,600 people have shown symptoms of "fever" in the last 24 hours from 6 pm the day before, according to the Korean Central Telegraph Agency (CCTA), citing data from the state anti-epidemic service.

North Korea may be preparing to declare victory in the fight against the coronavirus

The agency did not say if there were any reports of new deaths.

The total number of fever cases since the end of April has reached more than 4.7 million, of which more than 4.68 million have recovered.

At least 17,300 others are being treated.

North Korea announced the first case of COVID-19 on May 12, after denying any cases for more than two years.

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19)

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