On June 21 at 12:13 the Sun passes into the sign of Cancer and the summer solstice occurs.

The solstice marks the official beginning of the astronomical summer in the Northern Hemisphere - the peak of nature's efforts.

After the summer solstice, the length of the day will begin to decrease, and the length of the night will increase for the next six months, until December 21, the time of the winter solstice. 

Characteristic of this holiday in most ancient nations is the lighting of fire.

Thus the ancient Germans, Celts and Slavs celebrated the beginning of summer by lighting fires.

Through the fiery festivals, young couples received blessings and protection from evil spirits.

One of the most popular events during the summer solstice is probably the gathering of people in Stonehenge, England.

Every year, a large number of worshipers of Celtic and Druid culture gather at this place to celebrate the summer solstice and the beginning of summer.

Celebrating the beginning of summer is not just about crops and protection from evil spirits.

For the Celts, this time of year was also associated with love and weddings.

With the advent of Christianity, these customs slowly disappeared.

Today it is scientifically known that the sun has a positive effect on almost all aspects of human health and quality of life in general.

So many things depend on the sun, such as our immunity, mood, skin appearance, heart function, skin and bone quality, respiratory system quality, and so on.

It has recently been scientifically proven that solar energy does not necessarily have to be absorbed through food, water or skin, but can be absorbed through the eyes (by observing the sun).

Ritual of welcoming the Sun.

A small ritual that is easily practiced by everyone during this period is to take advantage of the life energy of the Sun to regenerate the body.

You have to watch the sunrise June 21-24.

If you fail, it is enough to move during this period of the day in an environment as close as possible to the natural one: a park or a forest, to connect with the energy of nature through personal grounding.

Earthing is performed as follows:

You should be barefoot on the ground, but be careful not to get stuck in the grass. 

See in your mind how a lotus with 1000 petals blooms on top of your head (it can be any other color you want).

Sit in a comfortable position and take a deep breath.

Each time you exhale, visualize the roots coming out of your feet and taking root in the ground.

Take a deep breath and hold the two pictures on your mind screen: the lotus and the roots.

When you inhale, you capture through the lotus the energy of the universe that will pass through your entire body.

It is good to hold your breath (at least until you count to 12) and thus keep this divine energy in yourself.

The energy (whatever color you want, golden, yellow or blue light) goes down to your feet and then goes to the ground.

This is good to repeat until you feel completely clean.

If you open your eyes during this process it is possible to see part of the astral plane. 

Once the energy has gone to earth, breathe deeply again.

Inhale and slowly pull back the roots.

If you don't do this and just leave, you will take all the negative energies in your path.

At the end of the ritual, notice how the lotus on the scalp turns into a pimple, which closes again and retracts inside the head (or Sahasrara chakra).

On this day or in the next period, it is better to eat more fruits and grains during the day than meat or other animal products to purify the body after receiving the divine energy.


summer solstice