Alyaksei Kavaleuski

, a programmer who spent some time with a journalist,

told Viasna the

story of

Henadz Mazhejka .

"I sang when he was in the first stage:" They will understand, now I will be released. "

He is a kind and sincere person, sometimes even as a child.

He strongly hoped that the Russian part of the newspaper would stand up for him and release him, but it was clear that this would not happen, judging by the articles he was accused of and the resonance of the case.

Gennady told us how he was detained.

He went to Moscow and wanted to fly somewhere.

He was detained by FSB officers at the airport in Moscow.

Then they took him to the Belarusian border and handed him over to the KGB of Belarus.

The Russians cooperated here without any procedures.

The journalist said that he was expected in Moscow.

According to Gennady, some people approached him and whispered about his passport control.

At the passport control he was taken in hand and all.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs had previously stated that Mazheika had been detained in Minsk.

According to them, the journalist wanted to fly from Russia to a third country, but when he tried to do so, he learned that he was considered undesirable in Russia.

Therefore, he could not fly anywhere and, as alleged, returned to Belarus, where he was detained.

Uladzimir Sungorkin

, the editor-in-chief of KP

, noted that Mazheika was taken on a plane to Minsk, where he was met by the KGB of Belarus and detained.

Gennady Mozheiko is now in Valadarka, he used to be in Zhodzina prison.

He is charged under Art.

369 of the Criminal Code (insulting a government official) and Art.

130 (incitement to hatred).