Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about the Russian-German project North Stream 2 and said the project, despite criticism, was promising.

Although the Nord Stream 2 project was suspended due to Russia's aggression against Ukraine, Merkel defended the decision of the then German government to make such a project.

"I did not believe in change through trade, but in connection through trade with the world's second largest nuclear power," Merkel said.

She said it was not an easy decision, "the thesis at the time was: if Nord Stream 2 is operational, Putin will no longer supply us with gas through Ukraine or attack it.

"Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, when the gas was still not passing through Nord Stream 2. In that sense, the gas was not a weapon," said the former chancellor.

Among other things, she justified the project for economic reasons, "the German economy at the time decided to transport gas from Russia because it was economically cheaper than liquefied gas from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and later from the United States. ”, Reports



The former chancellor also explained that the government was ready to support with taxpayers' money the construction of two liquefied natural gas terminals in Germany.

But, until the last day of government work, this project was not launched as there were no importers who would reserve capacity for a long time due to the high price.

At the end of the interview, Merkel admitted that she did not have much influence over Putin during the end of her term.

"It was clear that I would not be in office for a long time, so I stated that various attempts to influence him would have no effect.

Putin is no longer ready to hold a summit in the so-called Normand format with representatives of Russia.

"Ukraine, Germany and France, on the other hand, failed to create an additional European-Russian format for discussing the European security order."

Asked if she could be a mediator in ending the war in Ukraine, Merkel was not optimistic.

"My departure could be a contribution, like the elections in France, the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the delay in implementing the Minsk agreement," Merkel concluded.

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