Some footage posted online reportedly shows a man throwing his watch over a fence on a Los Angeles suburb after two people, allegedly members of a gang, got out of a car to rob him.

Footage recorded by security cameras shows a man walking on a street and noticing a car coming after him, the Telegraph reports.

The victim, who observed the car until it stopped, then panics when he sees two men suddenly getting out of the vehicle.

And he, who had dark sunglasses, takes off his luxury watch as he flees from two robbers, before deciding to throw it over the fence of a house from the sidewalk.

The two unidentified suspects stop following the man after realizing that he no longer had the watch with him.

One of them then puts his hands on the gate, wanting to climb on it to get the watch, before running back to the car along with the other robber.

The exact location of the robbery and the identity of the victim are not known.