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New Delhi:

UPSC 2021:

The result of UPSC's Civil Services Examination-2021 has been released.

In the written (main) examination held in January this year, 9,214 candidates had appeared in which 1,824 candidates qualified for the interview.

685 candidates have got success in the last phase of this examination.

At the same time, in this examination, many candidates missed by one number, some by two numbers and by five numbers.

NDTV spoke to one such candidate Rajat Sambyal and wanted to know where he was lacking, so that the aspirants preparing for the UPSC exam can get an idea and fulfill their dream of becoming an IAS.

Rajat Sambyal has been preparing for UPSC for ten years.

His dream was to become an IAS officer.

Rajat has given UPSC exam 6 times, out of which 3 times he failed the pre exam, reached the mains exam twice but could not make it to the interview.

This time Rajat had worked hard for the UPSC exam as it was his last chance.

This time he passed the pre, reached the mains and after passing the mains in the interview, but missed some marks in the interview.

NDTV asked many questions to Rajat Sambyal about UPSC preparation and lack of preparation.

Rajat told that he has prepared for UPSC and its related exams from 2012 to 2022.

He has learned a lot while preparing for the exam.

Even though he has failed in this examination, but there are many other competitive examinations in the country where success can be achieved and the country can be served.

IT Sector, Data Analysis, 

On the question of where was the mistake in the UPSC exam of Pre and Mains,

Rajat said that the preparation for the current affairs in the Pre was less.

There was a lack in the preparation of Static Book, Basic Book and NCERT and last year's question paper.

That's why I failed in the previous exams, when I kept my preparation well, I passed the UPSC pre exam.

As far as the mains exam is concerned, it is to be kept in mind that no subject can be taken lightly in this.

There should be complete preparation for the subject you have taken, it is important to have complete planning, writing skills and analysis.

You should also be aware of your mistakes, so that you can improve.

There was a shortage in it, so the mains was not cleared in the previous examinations.

When I worked on it, I was successful in Mains.

interview is not easy

Now it is the turn of the interview, so let us tell you that the UPSC interview is not a general interview, it is a personality test of the candidate.

If the interviewer finds your personality lacking, then the interview remains, the same thing happened to me.

Now I will try to bring improvement in my personality.

Personality improves every day of a person.

It is not made in a day, it is made for years, the way you sit, speak, everything matters in this interview. 

In response to the questions asked in the interview,

Rajat said that he is from Jammu, so 60 percent of the questions in the interview with him were from Jammu and Kashmir.

Like what is your view on Article 370, whether there has been discrimination against Jammu or not, how to take Jammu forward.

Rajat's background is from civil engineering, so some questions were also from civil engineering.

About 20 percent questions were from civil engineering.

Like what is the learning from civil engineering, there were also some questions from hobby, smart city, from cities etc.