Looks cold instead. DJ Soda is wearing a little bikini.

Speedboat in the river (clip)

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30 May 2022 17:16





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is another hot female DJ and is beloved by young men around the world for

DJ Soda

 , a famous female DJ

Recently referred to work in San Diego, USA.

And most recently

, DJ Soda

 has posted a clip of the atmosphere while on vacation in San Diego for you.

which is a picture when she is sailing to see the night view

But what caught the attention of the young men was

DJ Soda

wearing a tiny white bikini.

that dazzles with glittering lights

In addition, the omo whiteness and smooth skin

Of the famous DJ's, the wink hit the eye the most.

Seeing it, I can tell you that it's secretly cold instead of the beautiful DJ.

After the clip was posted

It has had hundreds of thousands of likes and landslide comments.

Because everyone likes the spiciness of a million chili peppers of a famous female DJ.

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