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called the appeal to the Moscow Patriarchate a historic event.

At the moment, the Orthodox Churches in Latvia, Estonia and Moldova, as well as the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia, are independent.

All these Churches are independent in the organization of their church life and decision-making, but at the same time maintain a canonical connection with the Moscow Patriarchate.

Innocent's request was accepted for consideration by the Holy Synod of the ROC, which on May 27 decided to form a commission to address the issue.

According to the metropolitan, this would correspond to the status of the Orthodox Church in Lithuania in the current situation, as even today all decisions are made by its leadership.

“Our church is not from Moscow or Russia, but from Lithuania, all decisions related to its management are made in Lithuania.

Having absolutely no financial ties with the Moscow Patriarchate, we maintain canonical and prayerful relations with the Mother Church and remain faithful to Russian traditions of Orthodox piety, ”said Metropolitan Innocent in a statement.

Until now, the Lithuanian Orthodox Church has had the status of a canonical diocese.

The status of an independent Church is given by the decision of the Council of Bishops by Patriarchal Thomas (decree of consent).

Earlier, Innocent dismissed several Orthodox priests when they initiated their secession from the Moscow Patriarchate and decided to appeal to the Patriarch of Constantinople to join the diocese.

Priests have previously criticized Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the Russian Orthodox Church's support for these actions.