The Government of Kosovo had allocated over 100 million euros for electricity subsidies in order to reduce the impact of tariff increases on consumers.

Most of this amount is still in the State Treasury while the rest is in the account of KEK.

This is what the Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli, said on the show "Kallxo Përnime".

Rizvanolli said that so far about 20 million euros have been spent from this amount dedicated to mitigating the energy crisis in the country.

"Most of it is in the treasury, while a small part is in the account of KEK.

"In December last year, the Government allocated 20 million euros for subsidies for energy imports, which were disbursed to KEK and through KEK was organized the purchase of energy to ensure energy supply," said Rizvanolli.

"In case of spending these funds, the government has allocated another 10 million euros, of which about 7 million euros have been spent, while three million euros have been attached to the 90 million pledged by the government… They are in the treasury have not disappeared / We are making the final preparations for the winter season, taking into account the deteriorating situation of the sector, while the citizens have paid with past tariffs, import prices have been high ", explained Rizvanolli.