For the first time in almost 10 days, new cases of "fever" in North Korea fell below 200,000, state media reported today, noting a "positive trend" after measures were taken to control the first recognized wave of coronavirus in the country, Reuters reported. .

The wave of COVID-19, announced on May 12th, has raised concerns about the lack of vaccines, poor medical infrastructure and a potential food crisis in the country's 25 million people.

North Korea has rejected most proposals for foreign aid, closed its borders and prevented independent verification of official figures.

Apparently, with the shortage of tests for COVID-19, Pyongyang has not confirmed the true number of those infected.

Instead, health authorities report the number of people with symptoms of fever, making it difficult to estimate the scale of the coronavirus wave, experts say.

For more than 186,090 new cases with symptoms of fever and another died, the official telegraph agency KCTA announced today.

Fifth day in a row: 200,000 new cases of people with fever in North Korea

More than 2 million people out of a total of 2.5 million cases have been cured, the agency said.

The official death toll is 67.

"The current situation with the spread of coronavirus in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea shows a positive trend of transition from sharp growth at the beginning of the epidemic to decline, after the epidemic was contained," writes CCTA.

Anti-restrictions may play a role in North Korea's failure to respond to the talks, a senior US official said today just a day after US President Joe Biden announced he had offered vaccines to Pyongyang.

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