The ex-husband of famous blogger Sophie Cachia, has revealed that he was thinking of committing suicide - while she was having sex with women and was enjoying an "amazing" period of self-discovery of sexual orientation in the last months of their marriage .

AFL star Jaryd Cachia, 30, has always been supportive of his wife - from the first time she realized she was sexually attracted to women until her first kiss with a girl, writes



And while smiling in front of the cameras now with their new partners and functional ‘mixed family’, they both admit that the happy ending has been won with difficulty.

"Although I was happy to support him, I was still not doing well mentally, facing my lack of purpose in life," he wrote in the opening chapter of his ex-wife's biographical book.

Jaryd said Sophie's decision to end their marriage was a shock to her even though she had been exploring her sexuality for months.

He said they still had a great sex life and things seemed 'almost normal' but it was he who ended up seeking a formal divorce, noting that while she could easily meet women, he was' one of the most known in Melbourne 'and could not do the same, even with Sophia's blessing.

"Sophie knew I was fighting, but I never told her how bad it was - that I got to the point where I thought about taking my own life," he said.

"It was always the thought of my children that kept me walking, because I really like being a father.

But the hatred I had for myself when I looked in the mirror.

"I could not stand the person I saw turning me back," he wrote.

Sophie, who has two children with Jaryd: Bobby, eight, and Florence, five, told the DailyMail

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she was shocked to discover that he had had many difficulties while she was enjoying one of the happiest periods of her life. its.

"It's hard to read how much he was hurting at the time, that he was hiding his feelings to protect me," she said.

"I was not completely naive in what he felt, but I was open and transparent and he had a brave face, it must have been very difficult for him to do that, and it is really nice that he has been so open now. ”.

Sophie, 31, said it was also difficult for him to be sexually attracted to women at age 27 after living a 'very fair' life.

"Certainly it was a shock to the system, I was never attracted to a woman and I never looked at anyone other than my husband romantically for years," she said, admitting she intended to ignore her feelings.

Jaryd said he felt his world crumble around him.

He had ended his career as a professional athlete, was rejected by police forces and was watching his wife torn apart by love.

"I would wake up in the morning and I would be in a bad mood for no reason," he admitted.

The dynamics of change in the couple's home as Sophie explored her attraction to women was hard to cope with.

"She would have more and more going out with young girls, and some nights when I got home from work, I felt like I was not wanted in my house," Jaryd said.

But he hid his pain as he watched the woman who wanted to buzz with happiness thanks to her newly discovered bisexuality, thriving career and development as a mother.

"I could have been a real person to him.

"But I have a lot of respect for her as the mother of my children and as a woman," he said.

Sophie, who is now engaged to her partner of 18 months, professional basketball player Madeleine Garrick, 30, said her journey towards self-discovery has been 'really difficult'.

"I never intended to lose love with Jaryd and to admit that you are falling out of love when you do not want to is really hard."

"But I was not afraid to tell Jarys what was going on, or to follow my instincts, because I knew we would never lose our connection."

The couple faced rumors after their split and cruel comments on social media, where Sophie has a large number of followers.

"I think the rumors can be stopped now that I have given Jaryd the opportunity to tell the truth and his opinion," she recalled.

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