On April 24, some Christian churches around the world celebrate Easter.

In Ukraine, where there is a war, night services were held in churches, but due to military restrictions, many believers could not come to church.

The main service was held in St. Michael's Cathedral in Kiev.

It was broadcast on television and on the Internet.



, head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, said in the service that Russia had not honored the saint for every Christian of the period.

“Russian troops not only did not stop in their crimes, they committed even more bloodshed, as if inspired by the devil himself.

Aren't these poisonous, deadly fruits of the "Russian world" sufficient proof that they are not blessed by God, but the accursed deeds of Russia, its authorities, the army and the people poisoned by lies?

For us, for all those who suffer innocently from the empire of evil, and today, on Easter, the Resurrection of Christ is a joyful reminder of God's imminent victory over sin and lawlessness, of the victory of good and truth.