Well-known Albanian rapper, Rigels Rajku - Noizy, has recently published a new music project entitled "Lozonjare".

He has collaborated forces with the singer Altin Sulku, whose project has been completed visually.

The text was written by Noizy and Endrit Mumajesi (MUMA), while the mixing and mastering was done by Marenglen Boja.

Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

The song has meanwhile been produced by Elgit Doda with video from FullMoon Production.

You can already find the full version on the YouTube platform, on the official MB Music channel.

Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

We emphasize that Noizy and Altini have several other projects together, which have been greatly liked by the public.

"Ajshe", "What do I do", "Gipsy Lover", are their three joint projects.

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