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The relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seems to have been created by a Hollywood screenwriter.

Great love, engagement, many years of separation and finally engagement again - 20 years later.

Even the way Ben suggested it looks like a scene from a movie, writes BTV.

Jennifer talked about the romantic proposal.

Jennifer Lopez continues to surprise with a sexy look

"On Saturday I was in my favorite place in the world - the bathtub," wrote Jay Lo.

"My lover got on one knee and offered.

I smiled at him and cried at the same time as I watched him.

I couldn't believe it was happening again in 20 years.

Ben Affleck first proposed to the star of the romantic comedy Five Star Romance in 2002. The two were engaged for about two years and separated to marry Jennifer to musician Mark Anthony.

In 2005, Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Lopez

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