I think Kosovo has had the best winter tourist season - like never before.

The icing on the cake is the publication of the text in the Financial Times, for "Off-Piste Skiing" in Gjeravica, by the company Lynx Ride and by the Grand Hotel Gjeravica.

A text like this made our country - at the same time - normal and exotic;

makes Kosovo turn on the lights of pleasure and sport to those who have read this text.

In 2015, the same newspaper published an article about the Balkan Peaks, where we were mentioned.

And, the business flourished immediately.

As it seems, we have made a tradition with this media giant.

Although there are no accurate statistics, this year has marked an increase in demand for "Ski touring" in Kosovo.

Our small company, Balkan Natural Adventure, has had several groups from Switzerland, France and many groups from Poland.

In conversations with colleagues, we have noticed that this year has not stopped anyone who has organized "Off-Piste" or "Ski touring".

Before I tell you what "Ski touring" is as an activity, I am giving you some explanations why supporting "Ski touring Kosovo" or "Off-Piste" is more important than the large cable car infrastructure.

In a tour for "Ski touring", for 6-8 clients, engages a guide who is paid from 130-150 euros per day.

Clients who do "Ski touring" are upper middle class, who spend more - when visiting a place - than those who follow the daily prices.

Clients of "Ski touring" and "Off-Piste" do not look for magnificent hotels with saunas which are very expensive and pollute the environment.

They are satisfied with a "Guest House" (guesthouse!) Where it is served wholeheartedly.

This year, Balkan Natural Adventure has organized "Ski touring" in Milishevc, at the Guest House Kulla of Labinot Mulaj.

Labinot in difficult conditions has managed to make a fantastic hospitality for Polish clients - 80 percent of them professionals, including doctors, engineers and other professions.

These three facts make "Ski touring" and "Off-piste Skiing" to be: the most profitable activities for customers;

activities that generate more income for local households rather than corporations;

more sustainable activities in terms of the environment.

Rightly, the tourism development strategy of Kosovo has this activity as a priority.

However, despite a good season, many challenges remain.

The first challenge is educating Kosovars that when they throw garbage in the mountains, it does not disappear in summer or winter, but remains there to show our shame.

The other challenge is regulating infrastructure, including the basic one, such as water supply in the three-star hotels in Prevalla.

Yes, for two days there was no water in the hotels of Prevalla and we as operators had to look our customers sy in the eye!

Supporting businesses to improve services by snow transport, supporting energy efficient Guest Houses and improving conditions;

advertising Kosovo as a destination for this sport and, most importantly: preparing ski guides and for "Ski touring" in our universities.

To work in this direction, we at the company know what needs to be done: preparing bids, improving digital communication and training staff.

Sports faculties may think more about including tourism as a potential profession for students;

by the Government - needs analysis and their transfer to the activities of the ministries, starting from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Interior that should give fines (many fines) for throwing garbage on the street or in nature.

Other ministries should see this activity as beneficial for Kosovo.

And, I owe you: "Ski touring" is an activity where participants climb the mountains themselves - with special equipment where they do not use cable cars;

"Off-Piste" is skiing in places with a lot of snow, where customers are transported by rack-track.