People couldn't believe their eyes seeing Kookaburras laughing

Many videos of animals and birds keep going viral on social media.

Recently, a shocking video of a bird is going viral, seeing which you too will not be able to believe your eyes.

Actually, in this video, a bird is seen laughing exactly like humans, which is attracting the attention of people.

These days, a video of a bird is making a lot of headlines on the internet, whose laughter is very similar to humans.

You must have seen animals and birds imitating humans, but you have rarely seen a bird laughing like humans before.

watch video here

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Generally, many such videos are seen in the Internet world, in which such birds have been seen, which copy the sound of vehicles coming and going on the roads and the sound of their horn.

Similarly, parrots can be called by rote anything.

Do not know how many birds are there, about which only people know about these qualities.

A golden crown crested on the head, ever seen such a unique bird, VIDEO going viral

Social media users are also stunned to see the laughter of this bird going viral.

Users are giving different types of reactions on this.

One user wrote, 'This bird is exactly imitating the laughter of humans.'

Another user wrote, 'If anyone hears the laughter of this bird in the night, then he should be scared.'

This bird is being told as the Kookaburra Bird found in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAustralia and New Guinea.

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