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The victims of the accident with the military truck near the village of Gramatikovo are hospitalized, adequate and in satisfactory condition, said the deputy director of the hospital Dr. Svetoslav Todorov.

According to initial data, they are of Afghan origin.

They have mainly injuries to the head and limbs.

They have been assigned tests;

it will be decided whether to be hospitalized.

There were 35 detained migrants in the crashed military truck

Two Bulgarian servicemen were also injured.

They will probably be admitted to Neurosurgery or the Surgical Department, and have injuries to the head, chest and limbs, Dr. Todorov was quoted as saying by BTA.

One of the servicemen was driving the truck that crashed. 

The incident happened in the afternoon while the truck was moving from Rezovo to Gramatikovo, the Ministry of Defense announced earlier.

The military performed the task of logistical support of the forces and means of the Ministry of Interior for the protection of the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

The truck that suffered the accident belongs to the Armed Forces.

Two foreign nationals were killed.

They were migrants.  

severe accident with casualties

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