Graffiti in support of Uladzimir Matskevich appeared in Minsk today.

Today Belarusians from Sweden gathered in the center of Stockholm to support Uladzimir Matskevich.

They explained to passers-by in the central square of the Swedish capital what it means to be a political prisoner in Belarus.

Matskevich, 65, was detained in August 2021.

He is accused of organizing group actions that violate public order.

He is in prison on Valadarski Street in Minsk.

“More than a week has passed since the beginning of the hunger strike, but the SC and the prosecutor's office are not doing anything.

You can ask them your questions and "express your concern" by writing a letter.

Letters can be sent in envelopes and online.

- Matskevich's colleagues wrote on his Facebook page.


Syarhei Chaly

expressed words of support to Uladzimir Matskevich today.