Ukrainians are in for a step-by-step increase in the cost of water supply and drainage services.

This was reported by the president of the Association of Water Canals of Ukraine, Dmytro Novytskyi.

"Each city has its own question and its own cost. Calculations are provided, checked by the specialists of the NCRECP, and then set in two stages. The first stage is approved, introduced into the discussion mode, and then set. Approvals of calculations were published in some cities. This means that the discussion process began. We expected that by April 1, all water utilities would have a tariff set. The average increase, as far as I know, should be about 15%, although this does not cover all the expenses of the water utilities. From our point of view, the rationale, on average Ukraine should see an average growth of 45-50%. This is especially true for cities that are closer to hostilities. There, the situation is even more complicated. Another factor in reducing revenues to water utilities is the outflow of consumers. There are fewer people there, less water is released, there are fewer receipts to the accounts of enterprises," he said.

According to his data, the losses of water utilities have already reached UAH 8 billion.

And the underfunding of our support systems in the industry as a whole - UAH 18 billion. 

"That's why society should decide where exactly to look for money to support the industry - if not the tariff, there should be support from the budgets," he added.

Meanwhile, water utilities in Ukraine

began to cut off water to debtors.

Earlier it was reported that electricity tariffs will be raised to UAH 3.5-4 on average.