The publication Oboz has prepared a rating of Ukrainian companies that have undertaken the highest social obligations.

Metinvest Akhmetov's company was also included in this rating. 

The company itself says: since the beginning of the war, 9,000 employees have been mobilized, and 400 of them have already returned to work.

Therefore, the group has built an inclusive ecosystem of integration of veterans into full life and work.

It is not only about medical and psychological assistance: the strategy also provides for the preparation of managers and teams for the return of veterans.

The group held webinars on the topic "Heroes return from war" for 23 thousand employees, and launched training for managers at all levels.

Veterans are offered retraining programs and mentoring.

There are also plans to create an association and a comfortable space for veterans.

The company provides workers who are still in the war with everything they need: protective equipment, bulletproof vests and helmets, as well as winter clothes.

Also, upon request, employee divisions receive drones, thermal imagers, auto equipment and other equipment.

Injured workers are paid for treatment, and employees who lost limbs in the war are helped with prosthetics.

Jobs are kept for all mobilized employees.

Earlier, Metinvest also stated that in 2024, the company will implement many programs for the support and adaptation of veterans, developed together with Americans who have extensive experience in this issue.

The first initiative was a unique training course on the adaptation of veterans to a peaceful life - "Heroes nearby".

Specialists in the field of psychology and personnel management, military psychologists, and veterans themselves joined its creation.