The ministry explained in a statement that the company committed these violations of the export law years ago and disclosed them voluntarily.

Among these violations is Boeing's unauthorized export of defense equipment as well as technical information to foreign employees and contractors.

This included “unauthorized exports of technical data” to China.

Under the terms of the settlement, “Boeing will pay a civil penalty of $51 million,” the State Department said, adding that $24 million of the penalty will be suspended to allow the company to strengthen its compliance program.

Boeing will also have to appoint an “external special compliance officer” for at least two years and agree to conduct at least two external audits of its compliance program.

A Boeing spokesperson said: “We are committed to implementing our commitments related to trade controls, and we look forward to working with the State Department under the agreement announced today.”

He added that most of the 199 violations “predate the significant improvements we have made to our trade controls compliance program since 2020.”

“We are committed to the continuous improvement of this program, and the compliance pledges contained in this agreement will help us achieve this goal,” he stressed.