We are witnessing a rather primitive political game - for interests, for a stronger electorate.

We have pragmatic tasks to solve, and in our backyard are dwarfs, chief prosecutors, services - involved in illegal ways of working.

This was stated by financial analyst Levon Hampartsumyan in the studio of "Day ON AIR".

"Some guy with two phones sleeping in the Boyan Cemetery did this - it doesn't sound convincing... If something looks like a mafia structure, acts like a mafia structure - it's clearly a mafia structure, not a "Red Pirate". They underestimate the average intelligence of the Bulgarian population," said Hampartsumyan.

He categorically stated to Bulgaria ON AIR that he has not one, but several political umbrellas. 

Minister Vassilev: Bulgaria relies on the EIB for the financing of the North corridor

"If there was one, they wouldn't fight among themselves and tremble. They're trying to create something like a republic of fear, if their schemes don't work, the tax authorities will come, they won't let you go, they'll form you I don't know what - this is another kind of Constitution, another kind of law, another way for the state to run. Who in the EU can introduce a private death penalty," said the guest.

In connection with Bulgaria's entry into the Eurozone, Tai predicts that our chances for January 2025 are over 50%: "Conditions must be created for inflation to go down, it depends on how it is calculated. The accounting methodology can give us a small accounting bonus ".

"More important than losing European money is arranging the political environment in a way to ensure stability and sustainability. Whether 1-2-3 billion will come is a bonus. If we become a country that depends on external financial injections , we don't have good years ahead of us," concluded Hampartzumyan.

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