Algeria will spare no effort to ensure the success of the Seventh Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), which will take place tomorrow at the Abdelatif Rahal International Conference Center in Algiers.

This was stated by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, at the opening of the work of the extraordinary meeting of the ministers of the member countries of the organization, which was supposed to prepare the summit and agree the text of the Declaration of Algeria for its approval tomorrow at the leadership meeting.

The minister emphasized the leading role of Algeria on a global scale in the energy field, especially in the gas sector.

Minister Arkab added that the summit will give the leaders of the member countries the opportunity to "discuss key issues related to cooperation in the field of development and strengthening of the role of natural gas in achieving prosperity in our countries, as well as guaranteeing the energy security in the world".

In their greetings, the representatives of the member countries of the organization - a total of 12, as well as the 7 countries with observer status, emphasized the importance of the current meeting both in view of the energy challenges facing the world and because of geopolitical ones.

Without saying it directly, many have hinted that the accelerated efforts made by many countries around the world to make a green energy transition threaten the interests of gas exporting countries as well as the energy security of many countries around the world.

They were united around the idea that they should expand and deepen their cooperation to preserve and protect their resources, as well as to ensure their use for the prosperity of their countries.

Ministers and official representatives expressed confidence that this will form the basis of the documents that will be discussed and approved tomorrow by the leaders of the countries that are members of the organization.

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In a statement after the end of the meeting, Minister Arkab indicated that during the discussions held behind closed doors, the representatives of the member countries of the organization demonstrated a high level of cooperation in order to achieve common goals.

He pointed out that during the talks special emphasis was placed on the next phase of the development of the gas sector and the role of natural gas in the transition to the new energy future.

In his words, gas can successfully complement the new renewable energy carriers thanks to the development of technologies in its extraction and processing.

The minister pointed out that environmental technologies are available and have already seriously entered the sector, and a good example of this is what was done by the largest Algerian energy company "Sonatrach", for which it was awarded the special award of the Forum, which is given only for the second time.

The Secretary General of the Forum, Mohamed Hamel, confirmed what Minister Arkab said and added that cooperation and expansion of the organization are key to achieving its goals. He indicated that the ministers unanimously accepted Senegal's application to join the organization and its approval is pending .

Within the framework of the meeting, it was decided that the host of the next, 26th meeting of the Ministerial Forum will be held in Tehran at the end of this year.

The previous, 25th, meeting took place in October 2023 in the capital of Equatorial Guinea - Malabo.

Iran will also host the Forum's next, 8th, summit scheduled for 2027.

The second day of the meeting of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries concluded with the signing of memorandums of understanding with the ASEAN and East Asia Economic Research Institute as well as the African Energy Commission.

The event concludes tomorrow with the summit meeting of the organization's heads of state and government, which are to discuss and adopt the Algerian Declaration.

The document should reveal the Forum's ambitions for the coming decades, notes BTA.

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