At an average price of BGN 127.74 (without VAT) per megawatt hour, electricity was traded today on the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange (BNEB), according to trading data in the "Day Ahead" market segment after the close of the exchange.

The deals are based on tomorrow's delivery day (March 2).

The energy exchange closed yesterday at an average price of BGN 138.50 per megawatt hour.

This means that the electricity for the Bulgarian business for tomorrow will be cheaper by 7.77 percent compared to its price with a day of delivery for today.

The average price of peak energy (09:00-20:00) for tomorrow is BGN 134.76 per megawatt hour.

Off-peak energy (01:00-08:00; 21:00-24:00) was traded at an average of BGN 120.73 per megawatt hour. 

The lowest price within today's session, with tomorrow's delivery day, is BGN 107.38 per megawatt hour, reached for the period 13:00-14:00, and the highest is BGN 183.97 per megawatt hour - for 18:00-19:00.

By more than 2%, the electricity for Bulgarian business will be cheaper for tomorrow

Data from BNEB show that a total of 88,634.80 megawatt hours of electricity were sold.

In the "Intraday" market segment, BNEB reports a total traded volume of 6,537.20 megawatt hours in the 60-minute products, with the weighted average daily price being BGN 155.73 (without VAT) per megawatt hour.

In the 15-minute products, the weighted average price is BGN 164.14 (without VAT), and the total amount of electricity sold is 666.90 megawatt hours.

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